The Journey Begins

After 15 years of struggling with OCD and anxiety, I have come to a point in my life where at the age of 32 I have hit rock bottom. With no job which I had initially left to be with my husband, marriage on the rocks, a roof that I was likely to lose and 10kgs of additional fat on my body and struggling with a lot of anxiety and OCD thoughts life has never been this tough.

3 days after my 32nd birthday and hearing about everything I have been doing wrong, I have come to the feeling and thinking that nobody except I can rescue my life.

60 days towards a better life, one change per day for 60 days. I will be writing about my journey each day on this blog. Hopefully, you will read and help me with my endeavor.

No nonsense, nothing fancy, just one change per day towards the glimpse of light

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