Family Law, Estate Management & Matrimonial Disputes

A family dispute being a very intimate affair most people would not only desire to evade the sometimes inevitable but would also prefer keeping the issue within closed doors.

Attorneys at VLLP have been sensitised and nurtured to not only provide the best legal support to our clients but also understand their perplexed state and importance of a client attorney relationship of faith and secrecy.

VLLP has provided its assistance at estate management and effective separation/partition. VLLP attorneys also offers its services for drafting of will and family arrangement agreements.

At VLLP, we actively work towards building the trust of our client where they know that their key information is safe with us. We provide not only general counselling but also representation before various courts and forums in proceedings relating but not limited to Divorce, Separation, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Adoption & Maintenance.