Real Estate

Real Estate

The world of Real Estate by far touches lives of almost all individuals. Hence VLLP has a dedicated proficient team to provide the best representation and assistance to its clients in this complex structure of central and civil laws pertaining to Real Estate. Our Attorneys guide the clients through various complex situations by providing them assistance on various aspects including:

  • Acquisitions and Sale
  • Drafting & Conveyancing of Development Agreements and related documents, for Residential, Commercial, Rehabilitation Projects
  • Drafting & Conveyancing of Title Documents
  • Commercial and Personal Leases and Licenses
  • Commercial Out-Sourcing & Conducting Arrangements
  • Extensive Due Diligence & Property Title Searches and Verification services

VLLP advises and represents its clients in the proceedings before Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), at Mumbai.

VLLP also provides assistance in various aspects of infrastructure including:

  • Drafting & negotiating of Joint Venture Agreements (JV), Public-Private Partnership Agreements (PPP) apart from other commercial documentation for infrastructure projects.